Details of the Directors, Chairman and CEO

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mr. Joseph Cortis. The non-executive Directors of the Board are Mr. Alfred Sladden, Dr Petramay Attard Cortis, Ms Adriana Cutajar, Ms Crystielle Farrugia Cortis and Mr. Joseph M. Formosa. The CEO of CBC plc is Mr. Joseph Cortis. For short biographies, please review “The Team” page here.

On the 15th June 2018, the Company appointed one of its independent non-executive directors of the Company, Mr Alfred Sladden, holder of Maltese Identity Card No: 589137M, as its Senior Independent Director, as is required by the Listing Rules of the Malta Financial Services Authority. This was announced in the following Company Announcement: CA42.pdf


Audit Committee and External Auditors

The Chairman of the Audit Committee of CBC plc is Mr. Alfred Sladden. He is a non-executive, independent Director competent in accounting and auditing. The other members of the Audit Committee are Mr. Joseph M. Formosa (non-executive, independent Director competent in accounting and auditing) and Dr Petramay Attard Cortis.

The Company’s External Auditors are RSM Malta.


Corporate Governance and Other Committees

CBC plc's Corporate Governance Statement dated 13th April 2018 can be read here: Corporate Governance Statement 13th April 2018.pdf.docx

CBC plc has no other committees. However, ad hoc committees are assembled as required.