St Julian's Central Business Centre is now available. Please contact us on info@centralbusinesscentres.com or on 21461758/9 for rates and availability.
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Gudja Central Business Centre is now up and running.Located less than 2km from the Malta International Airport, it is the ideal office location in the south of Malta.The space is new and modern, and completed to high specifications.At Gudja CBC, we offer office spaces; professional letterbox addresses; warehousing facilities; and above-ground and under-ground parking spaces.Contact info@centralbusinesscentres.com for more information
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Gudja CBC Up and Running

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Gudja Central Business Centre is now up and running.Office space on the ground floor with floor to ceiling glass facade currently available.It is also still possible to rent a professional letterbox, or have storage space available, at Gudja CBC.Contact us on info@centralbusinesscentres.com for more information.
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